BVA Hydraulics UK offer full sales & service support to customers in the UK.


BVA Industrial 700 Bar Hydraulic Tools & Equipment for Industry & Custom Engineered Hydraulic Solutions.  



BUILT TO LAST Confidence Built on Quality


BVA Hydraulics ® Industrial 700 Bar High Pressure Hydraulics are manufactured to not only meet, but exceed the Industry Standards.

Certified to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System,  SAE100, ANSI B30.1, & ANSI B40.1



Comittment to producing high quality, reliable products has earned BVA Hydraulics ®  a reputation for exceptional quality.

BVA plants produce and supply all BVA facilities, enabling them to have one of the best stocking programmes in the business

& meaning there is always large quantities of stock available to keep the needs of the global regions supplied.

With an extensive industry knowledge of over 40 years, and a comprehensive, high quality product range,

including a wide range of Hydraulic Accessories, some of the industries we supply include:

UK Renewable Energy, Offshore, Subsea, Railway, Aviation, Transport, Construction, Maintenance, Mining Shipbuilding and OEM.


Custom Engineered Hydraulic Solutions: 

A large proportion of our business is innovative bespoke designed systems made to our client’s specifications.

We supply custom designed BVA Hydraulic ® equipment to a range of industries.


Our design team, with years of experience in this field can help with solutions to customers applications.


Find out more about our design team and the possibilities they can offer you.


Test & Repair:  We offer a test & repair service.


Training:  Our staff have many years experience, which we are keen to share through our training workshops.


Installation:  With many applications we can provide onsite, or in-house assembly & installation.






Stocking Programme

Manufacturing plants produce and supply all BVA facilities, enabling them to have one of the best stocking programmes in the business.

Ensuring there are always large quantities of stock available to meet the needs of the global regions.